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An update on MOB activity – Is anyone out there?

September 4, 2013

I have to say I am very proud of what SBB Columns has become but I have since moved on once again. Starting a new company in April this year, iSport Associates Ltd, offering copywriting service to the sports betting industry,things have moved on at a pace. A decent portfolio of client has allowed me to make some life changes I never thought might be possible, and my betting activity has gradually morphed into more trading than straight backing. I still make my selections based on runners I feel have a great chance of winning races although the overall daily shortlist is now whittled down by checking previous in play running and trading habits. A recent example of how things have changed is picking SLIP SLIDING AWAY as one of these trades on the 3rd September. I felt he was underestimated in the market and could even win,despite his...

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