An update on MOB activity – Is anyone out there?

September 4, 2013

I have to say I am very proud of what SBB Columns has become but I have since moved on once again.

Starting a new company in April this year, iSport Associates Ltd, offering copywriting service to the sports betting industry,things have moved on at a pace. A decent portfolio of client has allowed me to make some life changes I never thought might be possible, and my betting activity has gradually morphed into more trading than straight backing.

I still make my selections based on runners I feel have a great chance of winning races although the overall daily shortlist is now whittled down by checking previous in play running and trading habits.

A recent example of how things have changed is picking SLIP SLIDING AWAY as one of these trades on the 3rd September. I felt he was underestimated in the market and could even win,despite his position as the rag of the field in the market.

I duly placed my bet, getting £12 on around the 21.00 mark on betfair and awaiting the off to trade. As expected it was late that his price crashed in play and I traded out for a £54 green screen only to see him drop to 1.01 a second or two later and plainly he had won.

Had I left my bet in,I would have seen a £220 next to his name instead of the £54. My transformation from bettor to trader was complete. From an emotional perspective,I had no feelings about the win itself nor the “missing” £170 “could have had”

I could quite easily not have had it and been looking at a £12 red screen.

Equally as important, I have no emotion over those red screen either. Thy are a part and parcel of my daily activity and something that will appear. As long as they remain controlled when they do crop up and are less numerous than the green I will be OK.

I have very small targets to hit over the course of a day/week/month, and am not in the habit of stopping if I hit may daily target.

To prevent that feeling of “what if”, should I reach target very early in the day, I have separate banking targets or Horse Racing and football. Combined they form part of my plan

I shall be updating the blog once again as a regular feature and will highlight any great bets that are out there to be had. In terms of trading advice, this is not the place as so much can change on a moment by moment basis,and I am a long way off being an expert. For that I would suggest something like or a similar or even free trader on Twitter.

In terms of back bets, I maintain my presence on and offer horse racing tips on a daily basis in the horse racing section of the forum





I have some exciting life changes coming up,more of which I can fill you in at a later date and as they happen – If anyone is still reading that is


All the best



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