Tote Placepot Betting – The Most Popular Horse-Racing Multiple Bet? Do you play?

August 30, 2011

The Tote Placepot is arguably the most widely used Multiple Bet in Horseracing. Forget your Patents, Lucky15′s, Yankees and Union Jack, whatever they are! the Placepot is the daddy of them all. Or is it?

Before anyone shouts out SCOOP6 at the the top of their lungs, I haven’t forgotten it, it’s simply a once a week bet on selected races. You can play the Placepot everyday on as many meetings as you like.

Looking through August 2011 (1st – 29th), the average payout of the Tote Placepot has been £430. That is over the 140 occasions the bet could have been placed. The lowest was £5.40 at Worcester on the 24th, the highest, a whopping £9305.40 to a £1 stake with only 4.25 winning units which came at Beverly on the 11th August. That is an unusually large payout for the bet. By a strange quirk of fate, there was a second large payout on the day at Salisbury when 8.90 units won £6223.30 to a £1 stake.

At both those meetings, there was a favourite or 2nd favourite in the places in four of the six featured races. At Beverly, a six runner race to open the card was won by a 16/1 shot with a 20/1 runner filling the other place,  this would have knocked out a very large number of tickets and set up the large dividend. Similarly at Salisbury, Sp’s of 12/1, 100/1 & 14/1, filled the first three places in the first race, again eliminating the majority of tickets in the pool at the outset.

And that, for me, is the frustration with Placepot betting. For all the study, all the effort and all the calculations to keep your overall stake to a reasonable limit based on what you might consider a maximum payout on your selections, your interest could be over by the time the first race on the card is complete.

Indeed, you could look to the other end of the scale, Worcester on the 24th August. 6 races with the following number of runners, 8,6,6,5,6 & 7. So there were 3 places available in the first race, then only 2 per race thereafter. This can on occasion boost dividends up, should favourites and 2nd favourites be unplaced. On this fated day however, the favourite placed in every race, and the 2nd favourite placed in three. 7/2 3rd favourites placed in 2 races as well! The dividend on the day was just £5.40, and would in many cases constituted a loss to many players with perms.

The placepot can offer a whole days betting interest, and has the potential to be a very lucrative bet, it can also leave you desolate after the first or indeed out of pocket after getting through the whole day and landing the bet with a single line.

Let me know how you feel about the Placepot. Your experiences, successes, near misses even! Hit the reply button and let me know your thoughts.


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