New LIVE ODDS Box added on right hand side

August 19, 2011

You may have already noticed the LIVE ODDS box that has appeared in the right hand column. I LOVE IT!

This is tied in with for whom i write. The box can be fully manipulated to show odds comparison for whichever meeting or race you wish to view.Just clikc on the arrow for meetings and race times to see the best available odds. This box will update to the next race all day


I am looking to develop a page on the main site whereby every imaginable event can be covered. I’m just drafting some plans as to how this can be done, to offer not only odds comparison, but also tied in with my previews and suggested bets! We’ll see where this takes me.

For the meantime, I am looking at getting a football column added as well, but this requires a larger box for which the border column doesn’t have the width. I will find a solutions somehow.

And finally! Before anyone else picks this up. YES! Only Bet365 and William Hill odds in the boxes thus far! I KNOW!

Unfortunately, i used to have this on the site before the overhaul, and these were the only two bookies that were prepared to work with me.I am confident over the next couple of weeks, I can get this list increased to include somewhere nearing a dozen odds providers.


Any suggestions of events you would like previewed, or indeed anything you would like to see on the site, or you might find useful, including data from my enormous database. Just give me some feedback and let me know

Have a profitable weekend now


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