Npower Championship remains as mad as a Box of Frogs

August 20, 2011

Southampton and Derby retain 100% records. Reading lose at home again. Crystal Palace win away and Peterborough put 7 (seven) past Ipswich!!

Just another regular predictable weekend in the Npower Championship then! This division is as mad as it gets so far. No one would have predicted the top four position in the division at this stage of the season would be occupied by two teams promoted from League One just last season, a Derby side who were just about the most inconsistent last season and have spent next to nothing in the summer, and finally, a Crystal Palace side that only just escaped relegation in May.

Trying to predict whats happening at the top is an impossibility. The best place to be looking for bets now in this division is with teams toward the bottom. Coventry and Doncaster were certainly forecast to struggle this season, and Watford too, after losing so many players, not to mention Malkay Mackay in the summer, were considered as relegation candidates. Unless they start picking up some points they certainly will be.

Ben Davies scored the 3rd against Doncaster as Derby won 3-0

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One Response to Npower Championship remains as mad as a Box of Frogs

  1. OT on August 21, 2011 at 6:19 am

    What a nightmare league this is for punting, they are all tough but this one takes the biscuit, don’t know how anybody can make money punting the 1×2 in this league.

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