Correct Score Multiples – Football Betting Odds

October 1, 2011

Can a speculative Correct score multiple on football pay off?

I’m going to put it to the test today. After the glut of 1-1 scorelines a few weeks ago in the Championship and the successful trial of another correct score approach in the Champions League this week, I thought i would apply the thinking across a range of specifically chosen games today.

I am going to use the “2-0 or 1-1″ scoreline approach as used in the Champions League this week, selecting 8 specific games in the English Leagues and place them in multiples.

Using Betfair Multiples you are able to choose the “2-0 or 1-1″ option and build a list of games to play. To keep things simple and affordable in the first instance, I shall play very low stakes so no harm can be done. From the eight selections you’ll have 70 fourfolds available which is where i will start my betting. at 25p per fourfold, £17.50 is the outlay. With odds for these 70 bets ranging between 300 and 350/1, if four of the eight games have either a 2-0 or 1-1 scoreline at 90 minutes, a £75 return can be expected.

In addition to the four-fold, there are 28 six-folds in eight selections. At just 10p per bet, it will cost £2.80 to cover all these eventualities. A single six fold would be jackpot territory with odds of over 6000/1

Now comes the speculative part. With just 8 seven-fold available, I have plumped for a 50p bet on each. For just £4, I have a good stake on the biggest odds, to maximize the speculation.They are around 25,000/1 chances!

Chuck in the eight-fold for good measure at whatever stake you want. Don’t go missing out on the mega-jackpot if the unthinkable happens, at over 100,000/1, it’s highly unlikely, but will you miss that £25,000 if you didn’t put 25p on it and they all came in?

LOOK! – This is crazy speculative betting, and not a quick path to untold riches. The likelihood of landing this bet in it’s entirety is highly unlikely, just look at the odds, but can provide some fun on a Saturday afternoon, if stakes are kept to a comfortable and affordable level. One fun part of the bet for me is the 1-0 latest score. If there is another goal in the game, you can celebrate with either side should they score, it will go either 2-0 or 1-1, and then the wait to final whistle begins.

If your multiple betting on football has become a bore, play around with this, keep stakes sensible, and put some fun back into Saturday afternoon football betting

I have played today, and the following matches selected to finish either 2-0 or 1-1

Aston Villa v Wigan

Everton v Liverpool

Sunderland v West Brom

Millwall v Burnley

Barnsley v Coventry

Hull City v Cardiff City

MK Dons v Notts County

Hartlepool v Sheffield Wednesday

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