– A Review of the Social Betting Site –

August 21, 2011

I stumbled across this after noticing that Dave Nevison has changed his Twitter moniker. Bodugi_Dave as he is now known.

You arrive at the home page and a sea of Dark Blue is broken up by the Orange of Bodugi and the informational boxes for a ” New Game”, or “Filling Now”, even “Play Now”. So, before i knew what i was doing, I have chosen and event, a free one, and started choosing my selections. Already I am playing, and I’ve no idea what it that I am doing. I don’t know the scoring system, I don’t know if there IS a scoring system. I’ve just been bowled along by the fact that I am playing already and haven’t seen an instruction.

If you go back to the home screen there is, in fact, some small information about the site, what it is and how to play. Although to this day, (A week down the line), whilst I understand the scoring system in the horse racing section, I have yet to see any instruction on it.

“Bodugi is the first social betting game where you can choose to play against your mates or other Bodugi members. All you do is choose your sport, event, stake and how many people you want to play against. Make your selections and let the banter flow on the chat boards.

See how you’re getting on as you build points depending on how well your selections do, on a live in play leaderboard. You can try it for free, or if you play for cash, someone wins the pot! Beating the bookies feels good…beating your mates feels better!”

So, you play against who you want, or just randomly join a table and make your selections. I have spent some time during the day watching the results add up, and see how the positions change on the sliding scale tables which add a bit of theatre.

I won £5 on my first free game. To this day, I have no idea how, or what for. I reinvested and lost! I have since topped up with £25 and I await the bonus £25 promised for first time deposits in the month of August. You can claim up to £200 in a single transaction on this free money scheme, so whilst there is time in the month, it will be worth checking the site out.

It will be liked by some and probably equally disliked by as many. It would seem that it is early days for the site in terms of the numbers playing, i would imagine the plan is for thousands of players. It would seem very short of that for now, but the site has huge potential.

The one thing i do like, is that you can play a whole meeting for just a fiver. Bet a fiver have a selection in every race and if you come out on top, you can walk away with £30+ . Consider the fact that is the equivalent of betting less than a pound per race and walking away 30+ points in profit. That would be remarkable, but certainly a far more realistic possibility on Bodugi than on the racecourse.

Fun betting for low stakes, with the opportunity to win a reasonable amount for your money. I like it and actually hope it grows on me more.

I will be playing the Newton Abbot card today if you look in



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  1. Dave on August 22, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Thank you very much for your constructI’ve view . Would like to talk further. Please get in touch .. Regards dave n

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