A Strategy for Seven Selections

A betting strategy for punters who like to bet multiples!

1 or 2 will let you down whether you have a ten-fold, a four-fold, or a double for that matter. There is always one in football that lets you down. A single even!

Whats the answer then? Well, there isn’t one. Well not one definitive answer that is. may would encourage you to look at the long term picture and build you profit slowly through selective processes and playing single bets only. To be honest, I am in this particular camp myself, i feel this is the right way to go for me. But that’s the point. It works for me. What works for me and pleases me as far as having a bet goes may not work for the next person. Especially with football betting. I will bet on any given day i think i have researched sufficiently a league i know enough about and have found a bet to have. A great deal of punters bet on football on a Saturday only. once a week, like a religion during the football season, and for those punters, who maybe are budgeting a five perhaps, a single, or a couple of £2.50 singles, are just not going to satisfy. So the “quickslip” is pulled from the rack, filled with any number of teams and bet all to win, shit or bust, all or nothing.

I will play doubles and sometime trebles, if i really am confident in a bet, but maybe, just maybe there is a way to help minimize a loss if you pick something like 7 selections. Hell, this might even work if you play horses too.Although, it would be a very speculative punter looking for this bet on horse racing where singles is king!

Many moons ago, I used to pick four selections and play Permed Patents, that is, groups of three in a full cover bets. I used to add a final Lucky 15, of the four, just to take advantage of the treble odds bonus for one winner. This bet I am about to introduce is an extension of that. A big Extension.

Use this is if you have 7 selections you are about to put onto your Football coupon and put in a single accumulator.


The bet is a permutation of groups of four, and indeed Yankees in this instance. A Yankee consists of 11 bets. 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold. We will play 7 yankees across the seven selection.

1236 – 1245 – 1357 – 1467 – 2347 – 2567 – 3456

This is where the “one or two always let me down” bit comes in. If you were let down on two teams in this bet, but still got five right, this permutation will guarantee that four of the five right would fall together to return a complete Yankee. If it’s a case of just the one that got away, then you will land at least three Yankess fully completed. In both cases, with just the one or two letting you down, in addition to the full yankees you will have landed, there will be plenty of doubles and trebles elsewhere in the bets that you will collect on.

Even if you get three selections incorrect, there is a chance the four you get right will sit together and complete a Yankee for you.

Even with just three or two winners, consolations prizes will ensure you get something if not your full stake back depending on the prices and where they sit in the permutation.

This is just one example of how to put a little safety net into multiple betting long lists of football matches in particular, but maybe even horses for some.




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