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Frankel – The Best Ever? Could Brigadier Gerard have taken him on?

August 25, 2012

Is Frankel the best ever Flat Race Horse the World has ever seen, or are we caught up in the moment? I can be very certain of my answer. Whilst I am not the springiest of chickens, I can honestly say I have never seen a race horse of this calibre; so comfortably able to dispose of top class quality opposition with such aplomb, in my lifetime. I would be quite surprised if I were to witness something of this greatness ever again. Indeed, I would be truly blessed. Perhaps others may be considered better, from “before my time”, I’m sure there are some staunch fans of Brigidier Gerard, Sea Bird, Mill Reef, or more recently Dubai Millenium. Shergar would make many peoples top 10 Just over the past few years we have had the likes of Sea The Stars and ┬áHarbinger but would either of those two, or...

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