Developed since 1989, Visual Form-Book is your fast horse-racing studio dedicated to winner-finding. Complete with UK & Irish Flat, Jumps and All-Weather results since 01/01/2001, VFB operates from your PC so you can study form at your leisure OFF-line. No input is necessary. Just point and click on any race, horse, trainer, jockey, or course to zoom in to detail. View the form of all runners of any race collectively and make easy visual comparisons. Check Speed Ratings, Handicap Ratings, Official Handicap Ratings, Trainer stats, Jockey stats, Draw Bias stats, Efficiency stats, Collateral Form, Comments in Running, Notes, Breeding, Owners, Colours etc.
Betting Exchange
VFB connects directly to the Betfair Betting Exchange allowing you fast, hassle-free betting, WIN or PLACE, BACK or LAY, even in-running.
Systems Analyser
Visual Form-Book comes complete with a versatile Systems Analyser which allows you to create and test systems. Visual Form-Book highlights qualifiers of your systems when they run. Many profitable systems already discovered are supplied free.
Visual Form-Book's Data-Export tool can export virtually any of the data stored in its databases.


Racecards are available from 2pm the day before racing and include Advance Goings, Card Numbers, Form-Figures, Horse Names, Ages, Weights, Trainers, Jockeys, Weight-Allowances, Stall Numbers, Forecast Starting Prices, Owners, Sires, Dam's Sires, Colours, Course Characteristics, Trainer and Jockey strike-rates in the last 12 months at all courses in the UK and IRE, and Trainer and Jockey strike-rates at the course in the last 5 years.

Forecast SPs can be shown in Fractional or Decimal format.

The 12 columns to the far right are referred to as the Data Page. 8 Data Pages can be set up to make the summarised information you want to see quickly available. All comparatively positive information is highlighted in
blue. Comparatively negative information is highlighted in red.

Column options include.. Days since last race (DSR), Days since 2nd last race(DS2), Latest Efficiency(LAT), Overall Efficiency(ALL), Efficiency in races of the same Code(COD), Efficiency in races of the same Class(CLA), Efficiency in races of the same Class and Code(CLC), Efficiency at the Distance(DIS), Efficiency at shorter Distances(DI-), Efficiency at longer Distances(DI+), Efficiency on the Going(GOI), Efficiency on firmer Goings(GO-), Efficiency on softer Goings(GO+), Efficiency in races at the Course(COU), Efficiency at Courses with the same Orbit(cOR), Efficiency at Courses with the same General Leve(cGL), Efficiency at Courses with similar Bends(cBE), Efficiency at Courses with a similar Length of Run-in(c-R), Efficiency at Courses with a similar Level of Run-in(c/R), Efficiency at Courses with the same Fence type(cFE), Average adjusted Speed rating(aSp), Median adjusted Speed rating(mSp), Best adjusted Speed rating(bSp), Average adjusted Handicap rating(aHa), Median adjusted Handicap rating(mHa), Best adjusted Handicap rating(bHa), Best of Last 2 adjusted Handicap ratings(LHa), adjusted Master Rating(MR), adjusted Estimated Master Rating(eMR), Improvement(Imp), Difference between today's Official rating and Best Winning Official rating(Off), Average Prize won(aPr), Median Prize won(mPr), Best Prize won(bPr), Age(Age), Weight(Wgt), Draw Advantage(DrA), Trainer strike-rate at all courses in the last 12 months(TrA), Jockey strike-rate at all courses in the last 12 months(JoA), Trainer strike-rate at the course in the last 5 years(TrC) and Jockey strike-rate at the course in the last 5 years(JoC).

An Auto Data Page option automatically sets the 12 columns to those most significant for the race in question.

Blue circles indicate BACK System Qualifiers. Red circles indicate LAY System Qualifiers (see Systems Analyser).

Going Changes, Jockey Changes and Non-Runners
All information in Racecards can be edited including the Going. Jockey changes can be made quickly and non-runners are easily removed (Non-Runners are removed automatically when connected to Betfair).


Visual Form-Book's Systems Setup allows you to set up BACK and LAY systems. A comprehensive setup allows complex systems to be created which rely on particular race conditions and runner criteria. Simpler systems like 'to follow' lists to highlight particular Owner, Trainer, Jockey or Sire's horses when they run can also be set up.

Ranking Operators for Ratings and Efficiency (orange titles) include Best, 2nd Best+, 3rd Best+ etc., 2nd Best-, 3rd Best- etc., Worst, 2nd Worst-, 3rd Worst- etc., 2nd Worst+ 3rd Worst+ etc. 'Best by ##' and 'Worst by ##' are also available. Ranking operators are also available for SPs(Starting Prices), Draw, Class, Age, Weight, Trainer strike-rates and Jockey strike-rates.

Must Have options allow systems with specific form criteria to be set up (Eg: 'Must have been beaten no more than ## lengths and 'Ran on' in race of a similar Distance, Going and Class within the last 35 days'). Distances beaten can be set absolute or relative to Race Distance. Distance, Going and Class can also be set absolute or relative.

Visual Form-Book's Systems Analyser tests your systems on past races and breaks down the results by a multitude of conditions, detailing Wins, Runs, Win Strike-Rates (W%), Win Level Stakes-Profits (WLSP), Win Profits on Exposure (WPOE), Average Winner SPs (AvWSP), Average Loser SPs (AvLSP), Significance (Sig), Placeds, Placed Strike-Rates (P%), Placed Level-Stakes Profits (PLSP) and Placed Profit on Exposure (PPOE)...


Qualifiers of your systems are highlighted in Visual Form-Book when they run and past results under the current conditions can be viewed in detail...



Visual Form-Book's Data-Export tool can export virtually any of the data held in Visual Form-Book's databases. This utility can even export Racecards and Pre-Race data. Data is exported in Comma-Separated-Values (.CSV) format files which can be read and maniipulated by most Spreadsheet / Database software including Microsoft Excel, Works, and Access.
Data-Export is able to export the following data...

Date, Course, Distance, Going, Prize, Code, Type, Class, Number of Runners, Winner's Time, Horse Names, Ages, Weights, Genders, Sires, Trainers, Jockeys, Claims, Stall Numbers, Returned SPs, Placings, Distances Beaten, Comments in Running, Speed Ratings, Official Ratings (Marks they ran off), and DataForm Handicap Ratings.

Date, Off Time, Course, Distance, Going, Prize, Code, Type, Class, Number of Runners, Card Numbers, Names, Ages, Weights, Genders, Sires, Trainers, Jockeys, Claims, Stall Numbers, Forecast SPs, and PRE-RACE DATA (see below).

PRE-RACE DATA (upto the last 14 engagements for each runner.)
Days Since Ran, Courses, Distances, Goings, Codes, Types, Classes, Rans, Weights, Jockeys, Claims, Stall Numbers, Placings, Speed Ratings, Official Ratings, DataForm Handicap Rating, Distances Beaten, Returned SPs, Comments in Running and Win Times


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Visual Form-Book Installation Download 89.95   Includes Results since 01/01/2001 and 10 weeks updates.
Subsequent Updates 4 weeks 36.00  9.00 per week
Subsequent Updates 20 weeks 160.00  8.00 per week
Subsequent Updates 52 weeks 364.00  7.00 per week

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